digital temperature controller / programmable / cooling / industrial
FE1030 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.



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    cooling, industrial, for refrigeration, refrigeration


Controlled fermentation is used for bread, pizza and pastries dough through the proper management of temperature, humidity and time. In fact, the retarder proving blocks or slows down the fermentative activity of the yeast, maintains the dough in the required state for some hours, and finally automatically begins the phase of fermentation at the time established though the program. Our controller for retarder-prover cabinets FE1030 is therefore essential in artisan and industrial workshops where leavened products are produced (pastry shops, bakeries, pizzerias), as it allows:
the elimination or reduction of night work
the reduction of labor and general costs
less use of additives and yeast
a better quality of the product as long leavening process gives the bread more flavor and extend its life
a more streamlined and efficient production process
a minor impact of external climatic effects on the product

In general, a better quality product and work. Also manual programs for proving and cooling functions are provided.

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