single-phase speed regulator / for induction motors
FE1033 Fasar Elettronica S.r.l.



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    single-phase, for induction motors


FE1033 regulator allows speed control of an induction single-phase motor (typically used for air intake system) effectively and practically using the rotary knob situated on the front panel of the device: speed is linearly adjustable from a minimum value up to a maximum value when the motor is switched on (calibration of values is possible with internal trimmers). The motor switch also supplies mains voltage (230Vac) to control an eventual external load.

Technical characteristics

- Motor speed control by potentiometer.
- ON/OFF switch for motor and eventual external load.
- Maximum load MOTOR: 10A.
- Optional load characteristics: 230Vac 50Hz max. 1 A
- Trimmers for the adjustment of the fan minimum and maximum speed.
- Protection fuse: 16A F.
- Supply voltage: 230Vac-50Hz.
- IP50 protection.
- Size: 158x143x95 mm.
- Weight: 0.82 kg.