FPGA video capture card / analog
FASTX1703 Fast Vision

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FPGA video capture card / analog FPGA video capture card / analog - FASTX1703


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The FastX1703 framegrabber series is for users who anticipate a demand for extreme I/O requirements and/or higher bandwidth, complex image processing and real-time high-speed storage in a cost effective platform. The base FastX1703, is a two thirds length raw form factor PCI board six basic 85 MHz Camera Link Channels or an extended Camera Link camera interface. An auxilliary I/O connector provides a header for adaptation of other high speed interfaces such as LVDS or high speed analog formats such as UXGA or DVI. The front-end data is formatted and preprocessed by a FPGA before being sent to the memory subsection, up to four PNX1702 500 MHz processors with 256MB memory each. Finally, the FastX1703 interfaces to the host computer through a 4xPCIe interface for state-of-the-art data acquisition.

Raw PCI form factor board with 512MB dedicated high speed DD2RAM for the front end Virtex 5 FPGA for sustained real-time on-board storage and processing
One to four PNX1702 500 MHz processors standard with 200/400MBytes/sec per channel actual transfer VI/VO
Collects data from up to six asynchronous Camera (channel) Link channels