LCD/TFT monitor / resistive touch screen / LED backlight / 1920 x 1200
FT121TMB faytech Tech. Co., Ltd.



  • Technology:

    LCD/TFT, resistive touch screen, LED backlight

  • Resolution:

    1920 x 1200

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    wide, rugged

  • Applications:


  • Screen size:

    12.1 in


faytech´s 7-12" Touchscreen Monitor Series sets new standards for the touchscreen industry. This feature rich monitor has an LED backlighted 4-wire resistive touch panel, extra robust components, extended current input (8-36V), HDMI port, three video inputs, wall mountable, high-quality pedestal, and extended temperature range. Each Touchscreen Monitor comes with faytechs 100% guarantee of no defective pixels, and is suitable for 24/7-operation.

faytech touchscreens are the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications. include: as a surveillance monitor when combined with a HTPC or with security cameras; as control panels in the industrial area; in kiosk systems; as cash monitor or information terminals; for machine control; home automation; on farm machinery; on forklifts in distribution centers; wind turbine controls; telematics in transportation systems and in many other areas.

The integrated touch panel is robust and accurate. The touch function is quickly established via the USB port of your PC, and industrial users can connect the touch function through the serial port. faytech includes touchscreen drivers for popular Microsoft (CE, WinXP, Vista), Mac and Linux operating systems. For Win7 and Win8 operating systems, no driver installation is needed because the MER4485 chipset used in faytech´s in-house designed touch controller supports Login using virtual keyboard and immediate use of windows gestures after Login, making starting and using Windows 8 incredibly easy.

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