LCD/TFT monitor / with touchscreen / 1024 x 768 / desktop
FT15TMB faytech Tech.



  • Technology:

    LCD/TFT, with touchscreen

  • Resolution:

    1024 x 768

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:



With the faytech´s 15”-22” wide Touchscreen Monitor Series, one can experience a whole new work ambiance, as the monitors are integrated with enhanced features and connectors that make them flawless in any industrial or commercial operation. Each Touchscreen Monitor is manufactured utilizing an industrial LCD panel with back-lit functionality for up to 40,000+ hour lifespan, a 5-wire resistive touch and anti-glare coating to upgrade the user’s capability and is obviously inclusive of faytech’s 100% assurance of no defective pixels.
The 15”-17”-19” versions have VGA and DVI-D connectors, with compatibility for S-Video and HDMI connections exclusive to the 22” version. Each monitor comes with its own desktop stand, and screw patterns on the back for VESA-100 mounts, so it can be employed in a various settings in industrial and commercial establishments.

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