pipe beveling machine / electric / pneumatic / edge



  • Operation:

    electric, pneumatic

  • Applications:

    edge, pipe

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 10 rad.min-1 (1.59 rpm)

    Max.: 58 rad.min-1 (9.23 rpm)

  • Power:

    900 W, 1,000 W, 1,430 W, 1,470 W, 2,210 W (1.22 hp)


Pipe Beveling Machine FE PBM
Beveling machines for pipes and tubes
It is now easy to make a bevelled edge on pipes and/or tubes.
Fe Powertools offers you a large selection of electric and pneumatic machines; we have the right machine for you for every purpose.
The FE PBM (Pipe Beveling Machine) line is for pipes with diameters between ø 22 mm and ø 630 mm. These machines are easy to clamp with mandrels; the machine centres itself.
A bevel on a pipe can be made easily and safely. You can choose from 6 different machines; the choice depends on the internal and external diameter of the pipe.