mechanical press / electric / stamping / bending
FEC FEC Automation Systems



  • Operation:

    mechanical, electric

  • Function:

    stamping, bending, straightening, lamination, compression, assembly, veneer, calibration, cutting, test, ultrasonic welding, fusing, for gluing, sealing

  • Other characteristics:

    servo-driven, custom, for production, compact, horizontal, with round ram, for automotive parts, H-frame, ultra-sensitive, PLC, for industrial applications, digital, high-pressure, with lateral loading/unloading, for the food industry, for the automotive industry, economical, with pressure regulator, high-speed, short-cycle, with stroke force monitoring, for the aerospace industry, laboratory, with movable table

  • Opening:

    Max.: 500 mm

    Min.: 0 mm

  • Force:

    Max.: 400 kN

    Min.: 0 kN



The EnFORCE’s integrated load cell and resolver provide highly accurate closed-loop control of the assembly process. Built-in programmable confirmation allows in-process inspection and stop the cycle before out-of-spec parts are produced, eliminating scrap. Press methods include pressing to a force, distance, rate increase and decrease, relative distance and more.

Programming every aspect of the press’ movement throughout the cycle couldn’t be simpler with our easy-to-understand picture-based parameter setup screens.

Key Product Uses

- Pressing
- Fitting
- Punching
- Drawing
- Bonding
- Powder Forming
- Riveting
- Load Detection

Key Product Features

- Fitting and Bonding versions available
- Ranges from 0 – 10 Tonne (100KN)
- Accurate to 0.01mm
- Full control of pressing range - load, distance and time monitoring
- Built in maintenance brake
- Internal Data Storage (8,000 Results), available real time for analysis and reporting
- Wide variety of Fieldbus and Fastening data communication options including Profibus, CC link, Devicenet, ProfiNet, Ethernet I/P, Discrete I/O
- Windows based software and programming
- Competitive pricing
- Standard plug and play presses available with full safety CE certification

Key Product Benefits

- High quality proven press system over 200,000 in service
- Built-in quality assurance, zero defects – identifies out of control process or parts
- Programming software at no additional cost
- Significant life time cost saving over hydraulic and pneumatic systems
- Full traceability- Links pressing data to part
- Clean and environmentally positive
- CE certificated product – ISO 9001 company