pulsed laser / continuous wave / gas / infrared
HYPERICO2 FEHA LaserTec Halle GmbH



  • Operational mode:

    pulsed, continuous wave

  • Technology :


  • Spectrum:


  • Other characteristics:

    OEM, cooled, CO2

  • Applications:

    for materials processing

  • Wavelength:

    10.6 µm

  • Power:

    Max.: 1,650 W

    Min.: 20 W


The new HYPERICO2 laser family is the result of modernization of the proven SMxxxE laser series and replaces it from now on. The design profits from all our experience and know-how from the past.

The diffusion cooled and direct current excited single mode CO2 laser still features the highest known beam quality on the market. Some parameters, like the pointing stability, have been improved. These lasers are available for different wave lengths and single line mode (only one single spectral line).

The beam performance can be adjusted from 5 % up to the maximum nominal power, with the laser beam maintaining its excellent beam qualities. One option permits high-precision control of the beam power. Together with direct current excitation you will obtain a highly constant laser source. The pulse operation with hyper pulse is still included in the delivery.

The electrical energy consumption of the laser could be reduced considerably, particularly due to new high voltage power supplies. By using latest technologies in switching power supplies and innovative components a new quality level for efficiency and reliability has been achieved.

So HYPERICO2 lasers are by far the CO2 lasers with lowest operating costs of their class – worldwide! Taking into account all costs from purchasing to operation our products have the best cost of ownership and are therefore an excellent product for you.

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