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Electric shear / for cables / strap / hand-held
BSS 1.6 CE FEIN - C. & E. Fein GmbH


  • Operation:


  • Application:

    for cables

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Plate thickness:

    1.2 mm


Fein BSS 1.6 CE are handy and curve compatible slitting shears with a clip chipper.
They are equipped with a clip chipper which can remove chips at any point of the cutting process. Both right and left curved cuts are distortion-free and the entire cut can be done with just one chip. The cutting head has an open front and it allows very fast work since it provides full vision over the cutting line.
It is a light tool with high ergonomic design, powered by a motor that excels in power and stability. The cutting blade has a very long life expectancy. The inbuilt clean swarf removal process helps avoid scratches on workpieces or operator injuries.
These shears come with a 5 m long cable and they are capable of cutting stainless steel up to 1.2 mm thick. It has a wide array of accessories.


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