motorized dispenser / for gummed paper / compact
C25 series Ferplast



  • Operating mode:


  • Dispensed product:

    for gummed paper

  • Other characteristics:



The C 25 electronic gummed tape dispenser is utilized to close boxes with gummed tape. All standard plain and reinforced gummed paper tapes with a width of 20 to 100 mm is processed via this compact machine. This reliable dispenser is easy to operate and has been designed for constant use. It has a sturdy housing and metal sides, and the components which may be susceptible to corrosion are either galvanized or bronzed.

To ensure safe use, the drive motor, control circuit and head heating operate at 24 V DC. It has "soft touch" film keys which are water-tight. The touch keys have 22 fixed tape lengths. 11 fixed tape lengths are between 10 and 110 cm with spaces in between of 10 cm, and more per touch key if required; 11 fixed tape lengths are between 15 and 115 cm again leaving 10 cm in between. Random lengths are produced by the green key while the blue and red keys have recall function for the two tape lengths last used.