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Hydraulic press / punching
DX 375 Ferracci Machines USA


  • Operation:


  • Function:


  • Force:

    156.9 kN


This machine is a hydraulic punching machine that can accommodate one large die with many functions or a few individual dies. This machine is capable of delivering anything from 1016 metric tons of punching pressure capable of punching a hole in 10-16mm aluminum wall or through a 30mm plus in a PVC wall. This machine is equipped with a powerful motor and high pressure hydraulic oil pump. The machine is extremely quiet and requires almost no maintenance. The DX-375 hydraulic punch press can accommodate either interchangeable or fixed dies and is built on a rigid heavy gauge steel frame for better stability. We also have a full line of end milling machines specifically designed for the window and door fabrication industry.

Technical Parameters:
Motor Power: 5HP
Work Table Measurements: 920x508mm
Punch Travel Distance: 0- 140mm
Maximum Height of Die: 320mm
Oil Pump Pressure: 16Mpa
Maximum Punch Pressure: 16 Metric Ton
Working Power: 220 volt 3 Phase @ 60Mhz
Punch Wall Thickness: 10 - 16mm
Machine Dimensions: (LxWxH) 1010x990x1580
Machine Weight: 525kg


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