Epoxy gelcoat
UltraShield® SuperShield® Ferro Corporation


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Ultra® and SuperShield® gelcoats, which are used for boats, wind tubine blades, recreational vehicles, truck bodies, sanitaryware, swimming pools and other polyester composite parts and castings, produce colorful and/or clear finishes that resist moisture, chemicals, impact and UV light. Ferro's SuperShield® line of gelcoats are based on an advanced molecule developed and patented by Ferro, which offers up to 60 percent less shrinkage; significantly less overspray at equivalent viscosities; and 50 percent reductions in styrene emissions compared with gelcoats based on conventional polyester vehicles. Gelcoats utilizing both traditional and low-VOC vehicles are available in high-performance grades offering 100 to 217 percent greater gloss and color retention than gelcoats containing conventional pigments and additives. High-performance clear gelcoat is also offered, as are specialized gelcoats for sanding and tooling applications.


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