surface treatment active contact flange / for automated sanding / for touch-sensitive applications
ACF Standard series FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH



  • Other characteristics:

    for surface treatment, for automated sanding, for touch-sensitive applications


For highest efficiency,robots require a sense of feel. The uniquely controlled ACF contact element provides it. The active contact flange features a combination of the mechatronic actuator and sensor element, while the active components make the robot touch-sensitive, guaranteeing a high level of process safety. In addition, the equipment comes with a standard flange, being suitable for all automated solutions.

The ACF can instantly automated the handcraft, with a high demand for flexibility and sensitivity, while delicate applications and problematic jobs will no longer be a problem with the use of this device. The same thing also applies for hazardous environments, when it comes to both pushing and pulling. The ACF110-04 can perform up to 100 N, compensating interactively and offering surface tolerances of up to 35 mm. The process force can remain constant, even with changing orientations, and there is no additional programming required, with the ACF taking an overturning strain up to 40 Nm.