active contact flange
ACF110-10 FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH

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active contact flange active contact flange - ACF110-10


The ACF is a sophisticated and advanced contact element, designed to grant an enhanced tactile sense and efficient perception abilities to robotic systems- extremely crucial elements to the successful execution of robotized tasks. The contact flange is an active amalgamation of a sensor element and a mechatronic actuator.

The active contact elements in the flange render the robot extremely touch-sensitive, facilitating a high degree of safety in the robotized processes. The ACF works in conjunction with a regular flange to be perfectly qualified for use in all kinds of automation requirements. It can efficiently accomplish automation of handcraft, with special emphasis on adaptability and excellent sensing abilities.

The ACF contact element is equally adept in handling delicate applications as it is in handling highly difficult, demanding tasks. It is versatile enough to adapt to harsh environs. It enables diverse tasks such as pushing or pulling, providing a force of 100N and compensates for surface tolerance up to 100mm while delivering unwavering, steady contact force.

The ACF110-10 does not need adaptation to the robot trajectory. It provides stable, solid contact forces even with altered movement courses and alignment. It does not need additional programing software/application to work efficiently. It can tolerate torque strain or overturning stress of maximum 40 Nm.