surface treatment active contact flange / for automated sanding / for touch-sensitive applications
ACF XS series FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH



  • Other characteristics:

    for surface treatment, for automated sanding, for touch-sensitive applications


ACF EXTRA SMALL automates offer flexible solution for small sized robots! The ACF110-01XS automates touch-sensitive applications are used in working spaces within 1000 mm. They are designed with 1.2 kg dead weight, 90x75 mm size and offer 100 N max. force and 11.5 mm max. stroke. The automates are used for contact-sensitive handling applications such as in bonding, joining, component testing (eg. keyboards or touch panels), printing, taping, insertion, quality inspection, placing and mounting. They are also used in surface treatment applications such as ironing (eg. car seats), polishing, cleaning and lamination and applicable in all materials including steel, aluminium, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramic and coconut fibers.

The ready-made active contact flange ACF controls every robot. It is an autonomous closed-loop element, simply mounted between robot and tool, offering touch-sensitive and is force-controlled. The multi-talent applies the pre-defined contact-force and precisely compensates for material tolerances on work piece and tool. The process forces can be adjusted at every work piece position.