surface treatment active contact flange
ACF 111/01 XSHD FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH



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    for surface treatment


For delicate applications in harsh environments the ACF XSHD is the perfect automation equipment. The high protection class makes this force manager a multitalent. The ACF XSHD automates fine and touch-sensitive jobs also in small working spaces perfectly well.

Size: 164x116 mm
Dead weight: 1.3 kg
Max. force: 100 N
Max. stroke: 11.5 mm
Protection class: IP65

Feeding of processing machines
Assembling in rough environments
Bonding, joining, component testing (eg. keyboards or touchpanels), printing, taping, insertion, quality inspection, placing, mounting,

Fine grinding
Wet polishing or grinding
Ironing (eg. car seats), polishing, cleaning, lamination,

Steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramic, coconut fibres,...

The ACF XSHD completes your automation setup as an autonomous force manager for jobs with high requirements on sensitivity and flexibility. Within the existing robot paths it interactively compensates material tolerances up to 11.5 mm on workpiece and tool and maintains an exactly constant contact force even on random surfaces or instable objects. The process force remains constant even with changing orientations and so guarantees the absolutely reliable and safe operation. The consistent process force of every ACF solution delivers constant results in varying processes flows. For the full quality report the Active Contact Flange reports the actual contact situations back to the overall control system. So every ACF solution guarantees for an exact and reproducible performance in top quality.