cryogenic cleaning machine / manual
Triblast-3 - BL60 FerroCrtalic d.o.o.



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Triblast-3 - Model BL60 is a dry-ice blaster equipment used for versatile applications. Is very powerful and reliable and can be used for specialist applications. Ideally used for occasional factory cleaning needs and delivers immediate and efficient cleaning. Offers the best performance at the best price. Integrated with a user-friendly control panel too. Also noted for its light and user-friendly single hose with supersonic speed. As it is compact and doesn't weight much, it is easy to transport this dry-ice blaster equipment. The huge insulated hopper makes it easy to conduct refills every day. The adjustable blast pressure is from 1 to 14 bar. Integrated with variable dry-ice feed rate to enable fine-tuning cleaning aggression. Effective cleaning and an improved air flow is promoted through its one-inch blast air piping. Pellet range used with the equipment can be 1.7 up to 4mm.

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