RF connector / D-sub / fiber optic / rectangular



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    D-sub, fiber optic

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The PROTOLON™ (SMK) LWL is a moderate voltage reeling cable, engineered to combat immensely higher electrical forces related to greater travel pace, powerful tensile loads of torsional forces.

PROTOLON™ (SMK) LWL consists of an incorporated fiber optic components that has 6 or 18 visual fibers for relay of regulation indicators,voice,video or information signals. These are ideal for applications such as box hoists, shiploaders, stacker/retainers, RMG’s, log lifting hoists and others. It can also be utilized for mining work including pitcher wheel excavators and burrowing tools.

In case the PROTOLON™ (SMK) LWL cables go through any wear, they can be simple fixed through an experienced personnel for it to be used again within the nominal criteria with no prohibitions.

If the application criteria goes beyond a particular value in technical tables, contact your domestic Cavotec department.

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