dry vacuum cleaner / single-phase / three-phase / industrial
HSB 600 FeVi



  • Applications:


  • Power source:

    single-phase, three-phase

  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    3,000 W

  • Capacity:

    0 l (0 gal)


HeoloS industrial suction units of the HSB series are innovative suction systems with the standard HeoloS configuration but enhanced with the new continuous bag device for the collection of the sucked material.
The operator can perform even more difficult operations without being contaminated by the dusts; furthermore, thanks to the lifting system of the suction group it is possible to increase the autonomy of the collection bag, which thanks to a simple closure can be easily removed and used again for another operation.
Voltage (V): 230/400
Power (kW): 03 kw + 03 kw
Max depression (mm H2O): 3100
Pressure relief valve operation from 2000 mm H2O to: 2500
Air flow rate (max m³/h): 2x320
Noise level dB/(A): n 78
Capacity (l): variable (dipende da quanto viene riempito il LONGOPAC)

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