draw-wire displacement sensor / optical / digital / incremental
EF500-900, EFM500-900 FIAMA



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They are incremental wire transducers that turn a linear motion into coded digital pulses: EF500, EF700, EF900 are made of an optical encoder with 256 pulses per 102 mm. of unwound wire (0,1 mm. the resolution with quadruplied count); EFM500, EFM700, EFM900 are made of an magnetic encoder with 2500 pulses per 100 mm. of unwound wire (0,01 mm. the resolution with quadruplied count).
The special feature of these instrument is their easy assembling.
The linking together to a display or an electronic positioner (for example F1X5, F2X, P1X) supplies a simple, effective system to measure linear or angular motions on machine tools, automatic-, wood-, marble-, glassworking machinery, cylindrical-, hydraulic-, pneumatic stroke, shutiers etc.
These transducers are carried out in self-extinguishing, shock-proof cases which are solvents-, petrol-, greases-, oils- proof.