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pneumatic rotary indexing table / horizontal / with face gear / flush-mount



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  • Other characteristics:

    with face gear, flush-mount, electric and hydraulic


FIBROTAKT® Flush-Mount Tables were developed for use on rotary transfer machines. The concept derives from the well-tried FIBROTAKT®-series and is based on the principle of combining indexing and locking in a non-lifting system of face gear rings.

Besides many other special advantages, FIBROTAKT® Flush-Mount Tables offer the following benefits:

housing of uninterrupted round shape, without peripheral protrusions. Underslung drive train. Simple mounting into plain round aperture
great rigidity, by virtue of locking into face gear rings of largest possible diameter
high indexing accuracy up to ± 1"
very fast indexing - even with heavy table loads (also refer to Techn. Data)
constant monitoring of actual angular table position via rotary resolver - no need for zero-datum reference approach
Version with both horizontal and vertical indexing table
a thoroughly tried technology ensures highest service reliability.