single-spindle drilling line / CNC / for structural profiles / beam



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for structural profiles

  • Other characteristics:

    beam, single-spindle

  • Drilling diameter:

    40 mm


Ficep ORIENT DF monospindle beam drilling machines have fully closed loop electronic control system with each head having an automatic tool-changer. Apart from drilling, the machines are suitable for tapping, milling, and countersinking. They are also useful for scribing for marking part numbering on material or to mark layout for welding and fit up needs.

The lubrication system of the machines is automated and centralized. It has a hydraulic system complete with power pack and a CNC based on CAN-bus fieldbus technology.

Excellent performance is provided as a result of the FICEP Minosse CNC unit with multi axes control and multi tasking.

The combination of ORIENT DF beam drill machines and Ficep saws (DFB) is ideal for cutting straight or mitred (+45/-60 degrees). When combined with plasma or oxy thermal cutting units (DFRC), the machines are useful for automatic cutting of shapes which are not possible by a sawing unit, such as ratholes, section splitting, flange thinning or coping, and weld prep procedures.