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Gantry type drilling machine / punching / shearing / marking
Gemini series FICEP


  • Associated function:

    punching, shearing, marking

  • Control type:


  • Structure:

    gantry type

  • Technology:



The Gemini series offers a highly flexible range of plate working solutions for fabricators and manufacturers regardless of size. This design concept provides users with a system, fit for a variety of needs, that offers reduction in both cost and necessary space while providing productivity improvements.

This range of products can easily accommodate any special and standard requirements of both light and heavy thermal cutting, marking, milling, drilling, tapping and beveling, in a single compact solution.

These models are equipped with standard plasma torches and are also available with optional oxy-fuel torches, for simple and easy cutting of plates from 3 to 305 mm of steel and 3 to 40 mm of stainless steel as well as brass and aluminum.


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