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Oil filter / disc / dust / dry


  • Designed for:


  • Filtration element:


  • Other characteristics:

    dust, dry


Dust filter 802F P2 Category filters can be used for gas masks Class P2 NDS 10 X NDS standard EN 143:200 Certificate. The CE label is issued by CIOP and is CIOP certificate no WE/S/154/2004 on CE label. This product was given an award by GRAND PRIX SAWO 2002 in the personal protection category. Provides high effectiveness of filtration and superior protection for all users health and saving for the employer as a result of the cost decrease associated occupational diseases. Having very low resistance to the flow of air, it also provides higher comfort for use and reduce work fatigue. The filtration respirations comes in 800 series so as to be compliant with the relevant requirements for a new 143:2000 standard characteristics by the below features. This standard supports research filters through the assistance of aerosols and paraffin oil spray. Application is designed for the protection of the respiratory tract after the completion of double filter respirator types.


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