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liquid dispensing system / cartridge / automatic / manual



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    automatic, manual, pneumatic


Semi Automatic Colour Dispensing Unit

The machine is composed by a mono-block that includes:
• Support frame steel made
• Colors stocking tanks placed at ground
• Pneumatic pumps for dosing, collecting and recirculation of colors
• Color sending flexible piping
• Automatic dosing head for colors with linear positioning
• Dosing valve in PVC with automatic washing
• Pneumatic system for valve opening
• Idle roller conveyor in AISI 304 for tanks feeding
• Manual labelling
• Electronic scale with hydraulic elevator
• Power and control electric switchboard
• Personal computer with dedicated software
• Manual thickeners preparing unit
• Pre-filter, pump and bag-filter for thickeners
• Support frame for thickeners stocking tanks whit manual valves
• Mixer whit integrated washing system
• Analogical scale for thickeners manual dosing

• Cartridge filters
• Pneumatic elevator for corrections
• Manual or automatic rotating system for sampling
• Electronic scale for sampling dosing

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