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Semiconductor laser / modulated / tunable
S7500 Finisar


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CW Tunable Laser – Butterfly Package (S7500)

The Finisar S7500 tunable laser incorporates a monolithic InP chip that integrates a tunable MG-Y laser with a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). The MG-Y (Modulated Grating Y-branch) laser is an electronically tuned device that can address any wavelength in the C-band. Since no mechanical or thermal adjustments are necessary, channel switching is very fast. The SOA facilitates flexible control of the output power and acts as a shutter when reverse biased, enabling dark tuning between channels. The devices are packaged into a compact, low-profile hermetically sealed package, with an internal optical isolator and a wavelength locker.

* DWDM transmission systems
* Tunable DWDM transponders and transceivers
* Dynamic provisioning and wavelength routing in metro DWDM systems
* Optical packet or burst-mode switching
* Test and measurement


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