Self-loading concrete mixer
DB 110 (1,1M3) FIORI GROUP S.p.A


These 4x4 concrete mixers feature high stability, even with a full load and on difficult and rough stretches. High-tensile electrowelded steel frame, articulated with oscillating bridge for greater stability, and double soft-system jack. Even though small, the concrete mixers of the DB 110 and DB 180 series confirm the high standard of the equipment designed to assist the operator. Stan-dard production includes automatic mechanical closing of the loading shovel to prevent material spillage during loading into the drum. Water tank positioned at the front for better weight distribution in order to always operate in safety conditions. FIORI makes enormous and continuous efforts to improve the safety of the concrete mixers. Unique in its 1 cu m category the DB 110 is fitted standard with 3 windows and driving reversibility. The DB 180 can also have a closed cabin.


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