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First Sensor is a leading supplier of custom sensor solutions for highly sophisticated requirements. Together with our customers, we develop sensor solutions in the area of OPTO and MEMS within a variety of markets. First Sensor manufactures in-house along the value adding chain from component to system level for the detection of light, radiation, pressure, flow, liquid level and acceleration.

The OLP/OLT series offers cost-effective optical point level detection for a wide range of OEM applications. The optical liquid level switches use solid state technology with no moving parts for highly accurate and reliable measurements. The product range includes switches with microprocessor compatible TTL signals, or high power devices with transistor outputs for switching currents up to 1 A. The sensors plastic polysulphone or TROGAMID® housings provide excellent media compatibility. With their miniature threaded housings the OLP/OLT sensors are easy to install and consume little space.

Typical applications include medical equipment, HVAC, compressors, hydraulic reservoirs, machine tools and leak detection as well as food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing.


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