avalanche photodiode array
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avalanche photodiode array avalanche photodiode array


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The Avalance Photodiode arrays of First Sensor are manufactured for LIDAR applications and laser rangefinders. These products have a linear and matrix arrays with multiple sensors on one monolithic die. These products have a fast rise time in 900 mn range, and a low gain slop above the required voltage. It has low bias operation and low temperature coefficient. First sensor features a wide array of selection of high sensitivity, high speed, and low dark current photodetectors enhanced for ultraviolet, visible and infrared light as well as ionizing radiation. Package solutions has added surface mount, through hole, and metal can type devices. First Sensor constructs an in-house along the value adding-chain from component to system level for the detection of light, radiation, pressure, level, flow and acceleration.

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Avalanche Photodiode Arrays