Electro-optical level switch / for liquids
OLP / OLT / OLM First Sensor AG


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    for liquids


First Sensor is a renowned supplier of custom sensor solutions suitable for extremely sophisticated requirements. The company is known to develop sensor solutions in the area of OPTO and MEMS within a wide range of market. First Sensor manufactures in-house with added chain from component to system level to perform detection of light, radiation, pressure, flow, liquid level and acceleration. The OLP/OLT series proves an economical means of optical point level detection useful for various OEM applications.

The optical liquid level switches are built based on solid state technology with zero moving parts for superior accurate and reliable measurements. The product includes switches with microprocessor compatible TTL signals, or high power devices with transistor outputs for switching currents up to 1 A. The sensor is made of plastic polysulphone or TROGAMID housings for excellent media compatibility. The OLP/OLT sensors built with miniature threaded housings ensure easy installation within compact space.


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