Data connector / fiber optic / circular / push-pull
Single FiberOptic F01 Fischer Connectors


  • Type:


  • Format:

    fiber optic

  • Shape:


  • Connection type:


  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Other characteristics:

    modular, rugged, for harsh environments, IP68, miniature

  • Product applications:

    for sensors, instrumentation, transmission, for cameras, for telecommunications devices, for telecommunications equipment, for measurement and control circuits


The FO1 connector integrates fully into the existing Fischer FiberOptic Series, well-known for its robust and faultless optical performances in any conditions, combined with easy use, cleaning and maintenance even in the field. UPC & APC polishing reduces insertion and return losses, making devices more secure, while IP68 sealing provides highly valuable device protection.

The push-pull locking system allows quick and easy connections and disconnections, making these connectors ideally suited for outdoor environments. The removable sleeve holder (monobloc mate adapter) ensures that end faces can be cleaned easily, keeping electronics in top condition.

In a nutshell: main technical specifications

- IP68 mated & IP67 unmated ingress protection (Norm IEC 60529)
- UPC & SM APC polishing
- Easy cleaning even in the field
- High optical performances for high precision and data transmission rates
- Harsh/extreme environment fiber optic solution (Norm IEC 61753-1 Cat. E)
- Push-pull user-friendly mating plugs & receptacles
- Available with gas-tight panel receptacles and with SM & MM optical fibers
- Size: 13 mm


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