strain sensor
2000 - 4000 µe | SFO-W FISO Technologies

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strain sensor strain sensor - 2000 - 4000 µe | SFO-W


The SFO-W is a fi ber optic, spot-welded strain sensor designed for civil
engineering applications such as the monitoring of dams, bridges, tunnels,
and other structures.
The SFO-W strain sensor offers small size, high accuracy, immunity to EMI/RFI, and resistance to corrosive environments with a high temperature range.
Manufacturers, civil structure designers, and research engineers may now improve structure technology by monitoring the performance of civil structures. Monitoring specifi c properties over time will help improve the safety and durability of these structures. The deployment of SFO-W strain sensors within a structure, provides accurate information on changes in strains in structural members of buildings, bridges, tunnel linings and supports during and after construction. The use of the SFO-W strain sensor allows a complete stress/strain analysis in the most
challenging environments.
The SFO-W consists of a small diam eter stainless steel tube welded on a steel sheet, suitable for spot-welding on steel surfaces.
The sensor is based on a unique fi ber optic strain sensor which constitutes a breakthrough in fi ber optic sensing. The extrinsic Fabry-Perot strain sensor is bonded inside the steel tube, thereby following the tensile or compressive movements of the spot-welded sensor.