Continuous annealing line for steel strips
Fives Stein

The specific characteristics of continuous annealing lines require:

Complex heat cycles
Higher process speeds,
More critical strip guiding,
Higher installed power.

Main features:
Jet preheater
Vertical Digital Furnace with pulse-controlled push-pull radiant tubes
Rapid cooling Flash Cooling® : a strategic process facilitating the heat treatment of new high-strength steels such as DP, TRIP, TWIP multiphase steels, isotropic steel, …
Induction heating, with different applications : boosting, specific heat cycles for some steel grades (DDQ AlK, DP, TRIP, …),
Control of heat and cool buckle risks under steady and transient conditions, thanks to the dynamic thermal control of rolls
Atmosphere control, particularly for sections with higher H2 content
Specific strategies for transitions implemented by the furnace optimization system (Level 2 FAS).


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