thermal evaporator / falling film / process / for liquids
Fives Sugar | Bioenergy



  • Type:

    thermal, falling film

  • Laboratory/process:


  • Applications:

    for liquids


Cail & Fletcher falling film evaporator installed in multiple effects into the evaporation station concentrates the juice coming from the purification station and sends the concentrated juice (syrup) to the crystallization station.
The evaporation station distributes the vapor to the various consumers of the plant.

Easy installation
Based on a simple design, this equipment Cail & Fletcher falling film evaporator is composed of a self-supporting skirt which requests small footprint.

Cail & Fletcher falling film evaporator can be installed indoor or outdoor, and can easily be integrated in new or existing multiple effect stations.

Optimized juice distribution
Its patented optimized distribution system is specifically designed and adapted for cane, beet and refinery applications for perfect wetting of the calandria tubes. The specific cane design allows an easy cleaning.
Cail & Fletcher falling film evaporator is well-known for its low rate of tube fouling.

Improved thermal performances
The juice color increase is minimal thanks to the low juice retention time into Cail & Fletcher falling film evaporator. The absence of hydrostatic boiling point elevator ensures an excellent thermal performance with high heat exchange coefficient.

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