rapid for the sugar industry clarifier
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rapid for the sugar industry clarifier rapid for the sugar industry clarifier


  • Specifications:

    rapid for the sugar industry


The short retention time clarifier separates mud from the clear juice in the cane clarification process.
Because of its trayless design, the short retention time clarifier, allows reduced retention times and reduced sugar losses making it ideal to replace the multitray clarifiers.
Possibility of converting existing conventional clarifier to short retention time clarifiers.
Maximized productivity

The sugar losses are reduced.
The juice turbidity is low, and its output coloration is reduced.
The consumption of flocculent is low and the mud is of high density.

The design is robust the installation simple.
The drive is simplified by the planetary gearbox and inverter.
Easy operation

The maintenance requirements are reduced, and the mud removal and flocculent dosage are automated.
The safety is optimized