torsionally rigid coupling / toothed / for pumps / breaker
ZAPEX ZW Flender GmbH A Siemens Company



  • Type:

    torsionally rigid, toothed

  • Product applications:

    for pumps, breaker, for presses

  • Other characteristics:


  • Installation system:


  • Torque:

    Max.: 10,000,000 Nm (7,375,621.4928

    Min.: 1,300 Nm (958.8308


The ZAPEX ZW series of gear coupling is a series designed by Siemens. The double-jointed gear coupling of the ZAPEX ZW series serves as a soluton to the angular, parallel and axial shaft misalignment. It is optimal for use in rough operating conditions such as the materials handling technology. The ZAPEX ZW series comes in 31 sizes and can accomodate couplings up to 10,000,000Nm.

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