torsionally flexible coupling / claw / elastic / blower
N-EUPEX Flender GmbH A Siemens Company



  • Type:

    torsionally flexible, claw, elastic

  • Product applications:

    blower, for blowers, for compressors, for pumps

  • Installation system:


  • Torque:

    Max.: 62,000 Nm (45,728.8533

    Min.: 19 Nm (14.0137


The N-EUPEX pin coupling are ideally used in applications requiring the transmission of torque from one shaft to another where limited misalignment may occur and also to absorb the shock loads.

These coupling are made torsionally rigid making it ideal as a compensation for shaft misalignments. It is made according to ATEX 95 directives and specifications, it can withstand potentially hazardous and explosive environments. It yields a torque range of 19 Nm up to 62,000 Nm with 23 sizes and 10 variants. The N-EUPEX pin coupling have elastomer hardness contributing to its dynamic capabilities. Easily integrated with its plug-in assembly.

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