battery-powered drill / two-speed / impact
PD 2G 18.0-EC Flex



  • Power source:


  • Other characteristics:

    two-speed, impact

  • Voltage:

    18 V

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 0 rpm (0 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 2,300 rpm (14,451.3 rad.min-1)

  • Torque:

    Min.: 56 Nm (41.3

    Max.: 90 Nm (66.38

  • Drilling diameter:

    Min.: 13 mm

    Max.: 60 mm


Electronic management system (EMS) protects the machine, extends the service life, and increases efficiency
Brushless motor with greater efficiency and a longer service life
Accelerator trigger switch with locking function
Electronic quick-acting brake
Robust gearbox housing made of die-cast aluminium
Metal quick-clamp chuck with thrust ring and auto lock function
Right/left rotation with safety catch
Ergonomically designed, non-slip, soft grip handle
Integrated LED lamp with persistence function
LED battery capacity display
Including attachable auxiliary handle, belt clip and bit storage
FLEX battery system: suitable for all 18,0 V battery packs. Delivery does not include battery and charger