bolt hinged conveyor belt fastener


  • Type:

    bolt hinged


The Flexco® bolt hinged fastener is designed for use with belts that operate over smaller pulleys, such as those typically found in construction equipment and road machinery. These units utilize a combination of penetration and compression in order to achieve a high strength and reliability level, and the hinged fastener is fitted with very easy-to-install nuts and bolts.

The joints can be separated by simply removing the hinge pin and buyers can purchase a curved template to assist in the correct positioning of the bolt holes. Flexco® Bolt Hinged fasteners are for use with belts that are 1/4 to 5/8" (6 to 16mm) thick, with mechanical fastener ratings between 190 and 300P.I.W. (33 to 52k/Nm), in addition to minimum pulley diameters of 6 to 9" (150 to 225mm).