chain conveyor / tubular / horizontal



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    tubular, horizontal


For efficient, dust-free moving of friable materials FLEXI-disc Tubular Cable Conveyors are the ideal unit. Using low-friction polymer discs and stainless steel tubing the materials are moved smoothly. The discs and cable are driven with the help of a wheel at one end of the circuit. At the other end tension is supplied by another wheel. This procedure allows for single and multiple inlets and outlets. The conveyor tubing can be moved horizontally, vertically or at any other angle through small holes provided in the walls. The modular components allows outlets and inlets to be added, moved or taken out and the circuit can be shortened, re-routed or lengthened as required. Friable materials such as pellets, granules, flakes, shavings, chunks etc. can be moved smoothly without separation.