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chain conveyor / aluminum / modular / horizontal
X45H FlexLink



  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    aluminum, modular, horizontal, handling, table top chain

  • Maximum load:


  • Speed:

    Max.: 60000 mm/min (39.37 in/s)

    Min.: 5000 mm/min (3.28 in/s)


The X45H conveyor offers distinguished convenience of longer conveyors. The high capacity conveyor system effectively handles small products. X45H conveyor make it possible to use longer conveyors with several bends with up to 60 m/min speed. The conveyors offer an easy integration with X45 small belt conveyors with the advantage of running longer conveyors with more bends and up to 60 m/min speeds. The conveyors also include a number of puck handling functions for diverting and merging. Refer to X45e for more information.