Plastic junction box
IP54 | KPB-4 Flintec


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The plastic junction box is designed to connect 4 Type PB load cells in parallel. The box is mounted on an aluminium plate for proper mounting and shielding.

The printed circuit board is designed to connect 4 PB load cells with AMP #103957-4 connector.

The junction box can be soldered with a shielded 6-wire cable to the instrumentation.

Corner trimming by potentiometers.

The junction box is available in 2 versions:

with 10 Ω potentiometer for PB-C3 quality,
with 50 Ω potentiometer for PB-GP quality.
Key Features
Connection for up to 4 load cells with
AMP #103957-4 connectors
Plastic box with mounting plate
Corner trimming by potentiometers
Protection IP54


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