centrifugal decanter / horizontal / for the beverage industry
S-Serie Flottweg SE



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    for the beverage industry


Flottweg Sedicanter separates solids from liquids. Its special feature: the solids consist of a sediment with properties ranging between soft and fluid.

Typical applications of the Sedicanter are "soft products":
► Biomass, yeast and protein suspensions.
► Fermentation broths and UF retentate
► CIP cleaning liquids and coarse matter-free live sludge
► Fruit juice byproducts and plant-derived raw materials
► Soap separation from oil refining processes

The special technical features of the Flottweg Sedicanter:
► Separation of extremely difficult-to-sediment solids by acceleration up to 10,000 gee.
► Hygienic design, thus usable for applications in biotechnology
► Flexibility with fluctuating composition of the feed product by the adjustable impeller
► Gas-tight operation is possible by sealing the separation space off from the ambient air using inert gas