centrifugal decanter / horizontal / for plastics recycling
Sorticanter® Flottweg SE



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    for plastics recycling



Environmental protection and recycling are ever greater concerns for companies. As a result, there is a need for new and innovative solutions. This prompted Flottweg to develop the Sorticanter® for processing plastics.

Naturally occurring raw materials such as plants, coal, natural gas and crude oil form the basis for manufacturing plastic. These raw materials cannot be recovered by the chemical steps involved in processing. As a result, recycling plastic is an issue for anyone who is aware of environmental issues. The Sorticanter® makes it possible to contribute to environmental protection according to ecological and economic principles.

With the centrifugal force that it generates, the Sorticanter® is able to separate different types of plastic from one another. This means operators can obtain the greatest possible purity of plastic grades. Furthermore, collecting and reprocessing plastics cuts disposal costs and reduces the amount of waste.