centrifugal decanter / horizontal / for plastics recycling
K-Serie Flottweg SE



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    for plastics recycling


Recycling plastics with the Sorticanter include:
► Reduced odor because of closed system
► No influence due to the color of the solids to be sorted
► Lower thermal energy consumption, since the dewatering phase is already built into each Sorticanter.
► Minimum personnel costs, creating operating cost savings 
► Separation of mixed substances that are unsuitable for static separation (fibers) This means that no mechanical dryer (screen centrifuge) is needed.
► Processing of particles possible that are smaller than 1 mm, so no impact from fans and other interfering effects
► A low-volume circulation system reduces the consumption of fresh water, while also reducing the wastewater quantity, since contaminants are largely separated out in the Sorticanter.
With a Sorticanter, it is possible to process up to 1,000 lbs or 2,500 kg of solid per hour, depending on the composition of the raw materials.