Centrifugal decanter / for soft sediments
SEDICANTER® series Flottweg


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  • Application:

    for soft sediments


The Flottweg Sedicanter is designed with dual characteristic of a separator and a decanter. Solid with combined properties ranging between soft and fluid need special attention to process in which a standard decanter is ineffective. Only the patented Flottweg Sedicanter® provides an optimal solution to this. The special decanter is specifically designed for soft sediment. It is equipped with an adjustable impeller which precisely separates the sediments ranging between soft and fluid properties even with fluctuating feed amounts.

The Sedicanter® features combined advantages of a separator and a decanter. It is highly capable of clarifying the suspension similar to that of a separator to achieve an optimally clarified centrate. It parallely serves like a decanter, the large quantity of solid material from the feed is processed to achieve a dry solid in the outfeed.


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