Disc filter for liquid / solid separation
FLSmidth Dorr-Oliver Eimco GmbH

American Disc Filter
Disc Filters for continuous dewatering in metallurgical, chemical, industrial, and food processing applications


The American Disc Filter by FLSmidth offers increased capacity and improved filtrate quality, increased mechanical stability, and reduced maintenance. The filter consists of a number of discs centrally mounted on a shaft suspended at each end of the filter tank. Each disc consists of multiple, pie-shaped sectors which are individually covered with a suitable filtering medium. Sectors are held in place around the centre shaft by radial rods on each side and by clamps at the top. Cake is removed by a specially designed discharge mechanism, which then falls into a hopper beneath the filter


* Low cost filtration area - less floor space is required for any given filtration requirement
* Quick and easy sector removal and replacement - results in minimum downtime and peak efficiency
* Multiple feed to one unit - with a divided filter tank, two or more products can be handled simultaneously. Extremely important in pilot plant or small tonnage operations where different products must be kept separate: i.e. where differential flotation is practiced.
* Multiple sizes - range from 20 to 3500 square feet of filtration area in a single unit
* Proper tank and/or Agitator design to fir process material - only on FLSmidth Equipment
* Material of Construction - available in all standard and corrosion-resistant material


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