Resistance thermometer / platinum / without display / insertion
-200 - 1070 °C | 5681 / 5683 / 5684 / 5685 Fluke Calibration


  • Technology:

    resistance, platinum

  • Display:

    without display

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:



The Hart quartz-sheath standard platinum resistance thermometer offers three types of models that would cover ITS-90 range of –200°C to 1070°C.

In measuring -200-660.323 degree Celsius, the model 5681 is suggested for use. The model 5683, on the other hand, offers measurement from -200-480 degree Celsius. In order to measure high temperatures up to 1070 degree Celsius and be regulated to silver point, models 5684 and 5685 shall be used. All products mentioned features a gold-plated spade lugs, a link to the four-wire cable which is strain relieved as well as prevention disks against convection. They are constructed with the highest quality of quartz glass, delustered stems and authentic platinum available, expected in a premier SPRT.


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