temperature data logger / USB / wireless / for monitoring
DATAPAQ® AutoPaq Fluke Process Instruments



  • Measured quantity:


  • Connector type:

    USB, wireless

  • Applications:

    for monitoring

  • Other characteristics:

    high-accuracy, rugged


DATAPAQ temperature profiling systems comprise high-accuracy industrial-strength data loggers, thermocouples, thermal barriers, and analysis software.

* Up to 20 measurement channels allowing comprehensive monitoring of entire car body shell as part of either routine QA or in-depth product launch validation
* Measurement accuracy of ± 1.6 °C (± 2.9 °F), providing data you can trust and make decisions with confidence
* Robust stainless steel logger design for reliable operation run after run with minimal risk of thermal damage
* Unique Bluetooth communications providing easy and quick setup and cable free data retrieval
* Multiple run capability ensuring maximized efficiency on the paint shop floor oven to oven
* Range of silicone-free barriers providing safe and contamination-free options to suit single and multi-run operations
* Purpose-designed, robust and accurate thermocouple range to suit all body styles, whether steel, aluminum or even composite
* RF telemetry options for real-time live monitoring options for batch and even conveyorized oven cure operations
* Oven Insight Professional software written for the automotive paint engineer to perform process QA or full validation quickly, efficiently and accurately

System Advantages
* Product finish quality
* Process validation
* Optimize productivity and efficiency
* Rapid problem solving