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DATAPAQ® Kiln Tracker® Fluke Process Instruments



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The DATAPAQ Kiln Tracker systems comprises high-accuracy industrial-strength data loggers, analysis software, thermocouples and thermal barriers for in-process temperature profiling of floor, roof, and wall tiles, heavy clay, sanitary ware and tableware.

DATAPAQ TP3 data logger properties:
- Ten or 20 thermocouple channels for maximum data collection on each run
- Reset/download via Bluetooth with short range telemetry capability (up to 5 meters)
- High logger accuracy: ±0.3°C (±0.5°F) for compliance with tight specifications
- On-board memory service log for remote diagnostic
- Standard USB data cable available
- Radio frequency (RF) telemetry or hardwired data acquisition for monitoring in real time
- Three user-replaceable battery types for normal and high ambient temperatures
- ‘Multiple events’ allows variable sampling intervals during a run
- Multiple run capability allows storing up to ten runs before downloading into separate paq files
- Sampling intervals down to 0.1 seconds to collect maximum data

The program comprises a wide range of thermal barriers for a variety of kilns and applications:
- TUNNEL KILN SOLUTIONS – Designed to fit under kiln cars, DATAPAQ TB6000 thermal barriers are the ultimate choice for tunnel kilns up to 1600 °C (2912 °F).
- ROLLER HEARTH KILN SOLUTIONS – Proven DATAPAQ technology uses a uniquely designed water tank surrounded by a blanket of ceramic fiber insulation. Many different solutions are available as standard and made-to-order systems.
- HYDRO KILN SOLUTIONS: Fluke Process Instruments furthermore supplies thermal barriers designed for tunnel hydro kilns.