Airborne particle counter / manual
0.3 μm | Fluke 983 FLUKE


  • Measured value:

    airborne particle

  • Technology:



Preferred by HVAC and IAQ professionals, the new Fluke 983 Particle Counter is the portable solution used for determining airborne particle concentrations in anything from filter testing to IAQ investigations. The Fluke 983 can be used either as part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program or as an immediate response to occupant complaints.

The Fluke 983 is able to measure filter efficiency, monitor industrial cleanrooms, locate particle sources for remediation and report the effectiveness of repairs to customers. By using the Fluke 983, indoor air quality can be pre-screened and work can confidently be carried out with IAQ specialists. The Fluke 983 can demonstrate the need for repair and maintenance and, in doing so, drive additional business.


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